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What is a Life Group?

Have you ever attended a church for a period of time, and after that time, you just don’t feel like you fit in? Have you struggled in the past to get to know others? The small group ministry at FFC (we call them "Life Groups") is our solution to that issue. Here are the steps to get connected!

Step 1: Click here to read more of what these groups are all about.

Step 2: Click here to begin getting connected to significant relationships!

When you get plugged into a Life Group at FFC, you will be connected to several families in the church that you share a common bond with. Granted, it will still take a little while to get to know these people, but you will quickly begin to feel like YOU BELONG.

Your Life Group will become like family to you. You’ll laugh together, cry together, share meals together, learn to apply God’s Word together, and most importantly, you’ll just BE THERE for each other through thick and thin. You’ll have a place to turn to share your deepest joys and struggles.

If you are still not convinced that you NEED to join one of these groups, here are six reasons why you should change your mind (click on the blue text to read more):

Reason #1: Focus on the weekly message

Reason #2: Establish significant relationships through true biblical fellowship

Reason #3: Spiritual growth through life-on-life situations

Reason #4: Have a support network in your time of need

Reason #5: Have regular opportunties to minister to others

Reason #6: Create a powerful model for your children/teens